Fall Issue, Year Zero

Learning to Swim

“Beziers, France” photo by Lady


“Moonlake” by Smith, “Partners” by Ryan Pearl, “And and Yet” by Bree Zlee

“Moth Up Close” by Eric Shaffer & “moving yet beneath the nights light” by Abdul Ben Camel

“Your New Daily Grind” by Steven Brightman & “Old Pants” by Charlax

“New Mexico Rainbow” by Smith & “Currents” by Jen Pezzo

“Vision 1” by Ashley Bovan & “Trinity” by Scott Sanborn

“jesus” by smith & “Way Erred Scenes inside a Jazz Mine” by Jesus Crisis

“Yep was” by Cavana I.O. Faithwalker & “Go Ahead” by Mark Steven Mannheimer

“Cosmic Orb” by Eric Shaffer & “Shapeshifting” by Geraldine Green

“Womanwater” by Smith & “Filler” by Eva Xanthopoulos

“fonelady” by Smith & Lady, “at sleepy hollow lake” by markk & “Amazon tributary” by Geraldine Green

“Guido’s Dreams” by Eric Shaffer & “swim forward” by markk

“learning to swim” by lady & “Learning to Swim” by Thurman Ireland

“Golden Fish 7” by Smith, “the inner alchemy of fish” by c.m. brooks & “Stuff” by Lady

“Dogwater” by Smith & “Swim Immersion Whelm” by Terry Provost

“Haiku” by Dianne Borsenik & “Sparkler” by Marc Steven Mannheimer

“Shine” by Mary Platz Hughes & “Shimmer: a Love Song to Cleveland” by Mary A. Turzillo

“Songwater” & “The Owl & the Pussycat Have Sex” by Smith

“Angel of Fantasy” by Eric Shaffer & “Camel’s Lament (revisited)” by Abdul Ben Camel

“i-sun” by Lady & “Note to Self (1)” by Maxwell Shell

“this” by Smith & “High Wind Whether” by Steven B. Smith