About The City Poetry

I’m interested in the concept of the city as center of culture. The┬ácity is a symbol of the womb, of civilization, of collected human experience. The city is something that is very old. The city is something holy. The city is something natural. The city is something akin to a coral colony. The city is a legitimate human function. The city means that we have moved beyond subsistence and into something more collective. Rather than being estranged from the land, the city is dependent on the land.

In these web pages I’d like to feature poetry that is uplifting and full of possibility… poetry that fills one up with things to do, ideas that inspire rather than sadden. Perhaps I’ll spike the zine with the occasional somber note, but I’d like us to use our roles as poets and artists to inspire beneficial actions for the future, visions that will help lead us to this better future by making the good possibilities more apparent, more within reach. And I’d like to feature poetry and art that celebrates aspects of Reality, that celebrates the now, too.