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Matter Ring

Matter Ring

by Bree

Full-length manuscript of poetry by Cleveland poet Bree (of Green Panda lineage) which touches on being willing and vulnerable when it comes to life and love. 80-plus pages of poems dedicated to Jim Lang of Coach House anonymity, perfect-bound 6×9 paperback (cover design by The City’s Kathy Smith).


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Stations of the Lost & Found

by Smith & Lady

A true tale of armed robbery, stolen cars, outsider art, mutant poetry, underground publishing, robbing the cradle, redemption and leaving the country.

Drug orgies, massive refindings of reality, the acceptance of interdimensions. Errant life scout, cultural adventurer, perception tester, court jester, inner seeker, reality adjuster, flow surfer, servant and searcher of Other.

Born in Bitterroot, raised on Paradise Prairie, farm boy, car thief, Naval Academy, expelled for dope, society marriage, armed robbery, jail, illegal loft dweller, Artcrimes, rat attacks, overdose, celibate, remarried, expat. Ran from the cops ten times, got away nine. 364 pages.


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Stations of the Lost and Found is also available at Mac’s Backs on Coventry Road and Visible Voice bookstore on Kenilworth in Cleveland, or in person from Smith.

22 years by wendy shaffer

22 Years

by Wendy Shaffer

Collected poetry by Wendy Shaffer. 22 years is about relationships: good relationships, bad relationships, family, friends, money, soap opera, sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, love, life, and one’s self. A poetic feast with a dash of wry. 184 pages.

“Love, humor, and honesty from an adroit practitioner of the language who has lived her compassion where others have merely contemplated it. Wendy Shaffer’s poems, like so little else in our society, always make me feel more human.” ~ Terry Provost


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22 Years is also available at Mac’s Backs on Coventry Road and Brandt Gallery on Kenilworth Road in Cleveland, and you can purchase it in person from Wendy Shaffer.

Zen Over Zero by Steven B. Smith

Zen Over Zero

by Steven B. Smith

69 poems and 22 collages spanning 44 years.

“Smith, in poetry’s whorehouse of many rooms, you belong in the philosophical-scientific wing with us.” – Jim Lang


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