Call for Submissions ~ Learning to Swim

Political Mutant Adapting & Helping EnvironmentI’m looking for writing and art that somehow fits the theme “Learning to Swim” even if just tangentially related.

I’m looking at publish date of Dec. 6, 2012. Previously published material is great, as is new work. I’d like to really just publish material on this zine that has good vibes,  beneficial, good visions, especially for the present and future.

Let’s work on not being depressing, scary or mad. Not that dissent and/or cathartic types poems are bad, it’s just that I’d like to tune in to ideas and solutions and visions that are pleasant and encouraging! I find it’s not only a philosophical thing, it’s a real thing that matters.  So when you submit to this zine, will you please submit this kind of writing and art?

Some have already submitted work that doesn’t meet the criteria of good vibe, but I didn’t make it obvious enough in the initial calls for submissions.  I’ll publish this material for now, but please keep the good vibe preference in mind for the rest of the submissions.

More on the theme: this doesn’t have to do with the idea of global warming or the election–it reminds me of the election and the idea of global warming in that both are difficult things to think about sometimes, but that’s not the intent. If about global warming, then let the phrase “learning to swim” mean not that we have to accept harm, but rather than we are learning to swim in learning how to change our habits, particularly our energy consumption. We can power our electrical grid more ethically such that we do not cause catastrophic climate change. We can “learn to swim” this way so that we do not actually cause water levels to rise, so that we do not let temps heat up too much. One of the best things we humans can do is to not eat so much meat, if any at all. We have this choice, while animals who are bona fide carnivores do not.

This has to do with learning how to deal with life well. Learning how to really live. Learning how to not just tread metaphorical water, and not to let metaphorical water overtake oneself. Learning how to really *be* a part of reality, to participate fully, to do it well. That’s what “learning to swim” refers to in this context.

We are all learning how to swim–there’s the saying, “sink or swim” and I’d like to think that we can all swim. We can make swimming safer, too, so that everyone can swim. We can find public beaches and have community picnics. We can employ lifeguards and regulations. We can barbecue bean burgers. We can play beach ball.