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Moonlake by Smith

Moonlake by Smith

are share(d) and sharing
ask questions
need more
and suffer

but change and changing
pushing pas(sed/t)
derailing an(d) inspire(d)
are inspirational
are ever

are sensible
and not
are unavoidably everything
are want and wanton
make abandon happen

are lush and luscious
cantankerous and ever so slight
make of you something else
something other

want wild
want comfort
are sleep and sound
are fully enveloping
and reaching for
and a leg up
and a hand
and give sight
and vision
and clarity

~ Ryan Pearl

. . .

And and Yet

Have you been the desert gazelle
horns shorn disenchanted
and yet fast and therefore
yet, gazelle?

Have you been the ocean oyster
barnacles have lain for months
upon and yet shut and therefore
yet, oyster?

Have you been the man expelled
from the garden blind eagerly
squelching by one by one
dutiful the same lies that kept you
and yourn together and
yet complicit and therefore
yet, man?

~ Bree Zlee

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