Dogwater by Smith

“Dogwater” by Smith

All that stands still, supporting you

First of all notice how the water welcomes you. How readily it parts to accept you. Immersive it greets each square-inch of skin. Before there is swimming, there is welcome.

Next, that you don’t swim alone. You are in the arms of someone who loves you. Cherishes. This is not a coincidence. A successful beginning requires love.

No doubt, you are too entranced with splash, the sudden detonations of whiteness from turbulence, the otherness of whelm… too glee-entranced, and joyous for serious observation: the infant savoir of liquidity transcending what is merely mental.

No doubt, there will be bubbles, toilless bubbles, and breath. Kicks. Submersions. Tentative dives. You reach out with your hand cupped. Reach out and pull. Reach out, and move forward. Forward and well lubricated, by and against, all that stands still, supporting you.

~ Terry Provost

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