Angel of Fantasy by Eric Shaffer

“Angel of Fantasy” by Eric Shaffer

Camel’s Lament (revisited)

unwrap time – as me, my own beast of burden
I am no longer knelt
so short
of this dreaming

so filled by your
image am I

my created soul bursting looks back
into me
seeing bubbles
like magma
relentlessly gushing
to form realities
felt in veins
and not merely
upon clouds
as a screening
for proposals to the eyes

together we cry
marry me
that we become living
gasping-breath beings
willing sweet surrenders..

ride with and upon
my camel backed
harried self

these countless lifetimes
I’ve fallen
to you

with a heart throated high
my mere mountain to your silken sky

even so!
in unquestioning love
you beg me
to finally

~ Abdul ben Camel

. . .

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