Moth up Close by Eric Shaffer

Moth up Close by Eric Shaffer

moving yet beneath the nights light

be made as it was
becomes quite the timid touch from you
brushing soft my souls shadow

these topologies, a broader way opens
though permanence eludes, passing through
this minor mist of me into that mystic midst of you

perpetual torch songs of tomorrow will surely
leak resonance back slowly flooding this blued balance
making temperance a clearer path under foot

the belated tread of my own opening heart
and the heat of your honest hands truly must
let love stand still within all it might please as

so easily light motion on my lips
with a single touch a single sound simple and serene
echoing something slippering its way into another past

all quiet this narcoleptic night has teeth
and rightly they fold beneath us smiling
as though the moon is the only thing moving

~ Abdul Ben Camel

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