Old version of The Owl and the Pussycat by Smith

The Owl and the Pussycat by Smith (old version)

Way Erred Scenes inside a Jazz Mine

Aswirl in creative flux
feel a faux need to squeeze
to get any err out
on screen or page
feeling sage in this smoke
of jasmine incense
hearing a catalyzing muse
sick I can’t name and
I can’t blame
you or blame me
not sure why we need to lay
it on anyone
as it is what it is
and just is
and what’s wrong with that
why do we
always have to find something
wrong with everything
I can sing
without notes or tune
and so
I suspect
can you
whether or not some see it
as cruel or kind
aren’t we blind to believe
every song needs sound waves
every lyric needs words
every world needs saved
every who needs heard
every herd needs a who
ain’t it just what it is
whatever it is
and I know Dylan
said he not busy being born
is busy dying
but he failed to say
he busy being born is busy dying too
and why can’t we say that
it is what it is
and so what
the best jasmine incense burns out
and the worst lives
in memory just as long and wise
any writer wrong
what’s worst or best
scents won’t last forever
I think nonsense
won’t either
but in some sense might
like night
if one day everything
we think is wrong
passes on
and everything right is left
could anything be right again
without us rewriting it
and when
you or I wonder
why I do or don’t talk
may be hear’s what you’re missing
I’m always listening
and never shut up
sure it’s easy to think
at least one of us is
in this walled room
in this sided house
in this incorporated city in this state
of apparent confusion
but Daishonin said
ichinen sanzen
each moment possesses three
thousand realms
and I’m never outside a moment
even when I’m conscious
and your movement pervades
the realms I monitor
even when you don’t feel
odd when you don’t hear
sometimes we use the wrong ears
wrong might be the wrong word
because in certain uncertain worlds
sound waves are inefficient
often ineffectual
and even oddly misleading
despite their repeated best intent
shuns to be otherwise
so I use them or don’t
you too
as inclination dictates or allows
but it’s all
evident to me
that we’re all ultimately
aswirl in creative flux
out of sight
either way
with or without
foe need
two squeeze
smoke key
jazz mine

~ Jesus Crisis

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