Yep was by Cavana I.O. Faithwalker

“Yep was” by Cavana I.O Faithwalker (Copyright 2006, all rights reserved. You have the right to use this for the purpose we discussed–Cavana I.O Faithwalker.)

Go Ahead

My Yes means No, my No, Maybe.
I am duplicitous, yes.
But is it disingenuous to be duplicitous?
I don’t know.

I heard God laugh once.
(No, I was God laughing once)
And it was so funny that…

I was a little child in the hands of the ocean.
The ocean would not hurt me,
Let alone judge me. God, no.

This ocean was an ocean of laughter.

Now, this ocean is a metaphor
for something larger —
a galaxy, a Universe, perhaps,
a hand
in which rests the Universe
along with countless other trinkets.

The hand is one of many, countless hands of a God,
with infinite heads and bodies.

What does it sound like when He laughs?

We may be duplicitous, even disingenuous,
but this is very ordinary, very human,
even dear and incorrigible.
It is very, very sweet.

So come to a dinner party in your wife’s underwear;
walk in with a skull for the host;
upend the dinner table.–
Go ahead, make a terrible mistake –
It’s holy,
Even expected.

So, go ahead.

~ Marc Steven Mannheimer

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