Call for Submissions–Civilization, Nature and Interconnectedness–August 2013

All the good aspects of Civilization–how Civilization and Nature can work together well (i.e., environmental regulation). How Civilization is enjoyable at its best–museums, schools, libraries, parks, community events, comfortable housing, plentiful jobs.

And Interconnectedness… how we affect each other with every action through the Interconnectedness of Reality. How does this jive in the mesh of Civilization? How does this jive in the mesh of Nature? Can Civilization be informed by Nature? Is Civilization part of Nature?

I appreciate uplifting poems… I would like to make this a relaxing space to be in (and all of Reality, for that matter). Please send poems here¬†or via the contact page.

I’d like to get this zine online before Autumn, so please, if you can make submissions in August that’s appreciated. I’d like to close submissions for this issue by September.

Muchas gracias friends!

Photo by Geraldine Green

Photo by Geraldine Green