Fall Issue Year One: Starlight

The City--Photo by Lady

The City–Photo by Lady


1: Poems: No Rain by Jen Pezzo, rain birds by jeffrey bowen and Weather Report by smith, photo mexican poppy by Jen Pezzo

2: Poems: A Sad Tale About Economy by Dan Gallik, What’s In It for Me by smith

3: Poem: Caged Admiration by Alexia Rodriguez; Photo: Sold by Smith

4: Poems: At Mentor Headlands by John Swain, One, Two, Three Breaths… by Bree and WAS TO IS by Craig Kurtz; Photo: interzone09 by smith

5: Poems: REVISING COLOR by Craig Kurtz, Everywhere There’s Evidence by Geraldine Green; Photo: Stark by Jen Pezzo

6: Poems: Sea Mark Bells by John Swain and THIS IS OUR WORLD by Geraldine Green; Photo: Soup-by-Spider by Peggy Honeydew

7: Poem: the curve by wendy shaffer

8: Poems: INVOICE by Craig Kurtz and giving things away by marc mannheimer; photo: Yellow Near Animas, NM by Jen Pezzo

9: Poem: BOLA HEAD by Joe Balaz

10: Poem: TO THE STARS THROUGH DIFFICULTIES by Geraldine Green and untitled #2 by marc mannheimer

11: Poems: Starlit Sensationalists by Sam Redding and Cool Kids Build Their Brains by Dan Gallik; Photo: Starlight Drive by Jen Pezzo

12: Poem: LITTLE MOUNTAIN by Daniel Bellinger; photo: Web by Geraldine Green

13: Poems: IMPLANT AUDIO by Craig Kurtz and quantum squirrels by marc mannheimer; photo: this by smith

14: Poems: Totem by smith and Pine Mountain Perseids by John Swain; Photo: Bridge Folk by Lady

15: Poems: MAKE THAT FOR HERE by Abdul Ben Camel and ONLY THIS by Lady; photo: Spider by Ashley Bovan

16: Poem: Web What We Weave; photo: Web 2 by Geraldine Green

17: Poems: Seeds by Dianne Borsenik and To Resonate An Understanding by Alexia Rodriguez; photo: thimplicity by smith

18: Poem: I’m not afraid of love/or its consequence of light by Geraldine Green; photos: Happiness Spell by Smith (spell by Lady); London by Ashley Bovan

Thanks to all the contributors & readers & reality. Copyrights as preferred by each contributor, 2013.

~ Lady