Starlight Dr.--Photo taken by Jen Pezzo near Animas, NM

Starlight Dr.–Photo taken by Jen Pezzo near Animas, NM

Starlit Sensationalists

Here they come, watch as earth trembling realities clash before the eyes of the twilight
The time of the mellow underworld is upon us
It’s children hunger for the nectar of exquisite low frequencies
Leaving their crayon box homes to live the phenyl oxalate climates of the elite
I am the metropolis prophesy hidden among the discontent
Promise tressed in second hand gowns and slippers of sporting off beat
Confidence derived from posh self infliction, my body tingling with anticipation
This land of lusterous calcium carbonate tells of stories of pinstripe badgers and low cut minks
The walls dripping in wasted word play and the choreography of retro stimulated emissions
Do not fear, my warriors of newsstand social injustice, let the glorious sound fill you
My body has become nothing but a temple of synthesized funk
Breathe in the rhythmic noise before you, let it take your mind
Feel the electronic beauty as I do, theatrical expression flowing throughout the veins
We are one in this moment, my patchwork companions
We are the starlit sensationalists, consuming the beauty all around
Take my hand, let me take you to mental salvation
Welcome to freedom

~ Sam Redding

Cool Kids Build Their Brains

The lady teacher with big breasts
Was tutoring innumerable kids
In the library. She wasn’t saying
A thing, just pointing. Zack said,

“Mrs. Jones, you don’t say much
ever!” She smiled, whispered,
“There’s a purpose there. Do you
know it?” Zack went back to reading

“The Lovesong Of J. Alfred Prufrock.”
Mrs. Jones walked over to Lindsay.
She was reading about the Roman
Empire. Em was studying Pythagoras.

Eth said to Mrs. Jones, “I only like
Staying inside in the morning.”
Mrs. Jones was considering her hubby,
How he hated her teaching kids.

He had just had brain surgery
And was feeling kind of dumb,
And totally insecure as he relearned
How to walk, talk, and gamble.

~ Dan Gallik

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