this by Smith

“this” by Smith


Creating unicity
is adjusting context
& pullulating private
info loops.
Twist the lid
to listen.

Auditing repertoire
is designating aperture
& inviting consanguineous
echo seeds.
Turn the toggle
to edition out loud.

Making haecceity
is encrypting beacons
& retuning conterminous
Switch on

Filtering spectrums
is selecting syntax
& denominating equiformal
data drums.
Unsocket cycle
to microphone now.

Creating confidential
is verifying funnel
& synchronizing contrapuntal
ratio code.

“Meaning something is like
going towards someone.”
— Wittgenstein.

~ Craig Kurtz

quantum squirrels

wavelengths course through their bodies,
making them earthy oscillations
furry surges of joy

I like to think their waves connect
through the fine medium
of the all-encompassing Void
to variations at subatomic levels

I saw a brown squirrel
with a white tail
in the park today

this sighting, if not rare
was welcome
on a day overcast
and otherwise unhappy

and perhaps in the all-seeing eye
of a conscious Unified Field
lies a fundamental vibration
that speaks a magnificent music
into every melody of creation

such as when a squirrel with white tail
makes a cameo,
when the circus comes to town
or when an artless suitor
touches a silken shoulder
and a line of dominoes falls
one by one

~ marc mannheimer

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