Spider--Photo by Ashley Bovan

Spider–Photo by Ashley Bovan


and now it becomes

one day past a memory
one bit of information
before total recognition

a form of chaos

to order


so much light

rains down

and up

penetrating shadows

like no tomorrow

like only this

~ Abdul Ben Camel


Only this holding onto this
oh, only this–is it only this
it could be only this
these feet these hands
this planet this sun this solar system
this solar system in a honey jar

This mote in honey now
this dust on the shelf the sill

Only this
this room this solar system
in this honey jar

Only this
these animals these entities these peoples
this matter mattering
this matter looking at spirit
this spirit
this spirit with multiple eyes

Eyes in the honey
eyes on the shelf
eyes in the bliss
only this–
this that, oh only this

Oh only this
a record on a shelf
a record of a spinning galaxy
this galaxy in a universe of universes
this this
this womb of forms and back again
Only this
this bliss…

~ Lady


I smelled the rain before
Ever a drop touched the
Earth splashing a sweet
Fragrance thru my open
Window & I don’t believe
I ever noticed this before
As if by taking time to
Smell the roses I failed
To escape the bee


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