Happiness Spell--Photo by Smith, spell by Lady

Happiness Spell–Photo by Smith, spell by Lady

I’m not afraid of love/or its consequence of light

Fr. ‘The Creation Story’ Joy Harjo in “How we became Human”

or water, with its myriad rainbows formed
in the far away days of creation, when stars
blown across the universe from distant shores
became canoes our people would paddle in as
they turned from stars into light, from light
into dark, water into stones, became rock pools
that the frightened or lame, the old, or bewildered
those with no name who came in their millions
like the milky way crossing the sky each night
in the slow circling of buffalo-fire, the dropping
of sky onto earth, silently as an owl brushes
cottonwood leaves, shivering beneath
dark waters, a pool for the bathing of wounds,
a place where healing of the spirit can begin.

~ Geraldine Green

London--Photo by Ashley Bovan

London–Photo by Ashley Bovan