A Sad Tale About Economy

First kids are pretty serious. At least, for a while. They’re never fat, unless they are the only kid. This was said by a woman, of all people, to her pal, who lived next door on the east side of Bedlam, Mississippi.

Mur and Zesty had been friends since pre-school. Their moms died on the same day back in 2013. Their hubbies were twins. They didn’t need kids. They had each other. Irv and Frank Worked at the same cement factory.

I don’t get why you bake for Irv that coconut cream pie every Sunday. Because that’s what he wants. And he always walks a piece over to Frank after supper. But it’s not that good a pie. All I know is the boys like it.

The women did not know the purpose of the Pythagorean Theorem. They did not even know who the President of the United States was. Mur once told Zesty that she did not care if a woman became President.

One evening Zesty died in her sleep. Irv went over to tell Mur. Mur and her hubby cried for quite a while. Then, one bright day Mur invited Irv to live with them for a spell. After that he moved in. Said something about love.

~ Dan Gallik

What’s In It for Me?

Can’t count on reason
Can’t count on intention
Can’t count on destination
Can’t count on accumulation
Can’t count on actualization
So it’s the living
The life along the way
Friends, family, feline
That makes or breaks
The bank

~ smith

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