Stark--Photo by Jen Pezzo near Animas, NM

Stark–Photo by Jen Pezzo
taken near Animas, NM


Your adventures
are unknowable
to anyone
save you.
that’s why
they are
so important.

Your intuition
is inscrutable
knowing what no one
else calls true.
that’s how
you got so

is the method;
what’s recondite
stays unsaid.

Your inclinations
are primitive
except when
they’re different.
doesn’t really

Learning language
is the challenge;
every word opens a box
to another paradox.

Our proclivities
are abstruse
save times
exchanging alignment.
it’s that maybe
is all there is
of fate.

Revising color
is the endeavor;
any disclosure
is a wonder.

~ Craig Kurtz

Everywhere there’s evidence

In the pattern of ferns,
furred stems of colt’s foot

ivy-leaved toadflax,
snapdragon’d purple

everywhere there’s evidence,
in the rhizomes of yellow flag

beneath the windflower’s white
and winestained petals

in the upturned soil of mole hills,
dead badgers, scoured wind

broken bottles, scorched
stones on the beach, torn trees.

Everywhere there’s
evidence, in the silence

of clouds, sour-appled
tang of wood sorrel

variety of green,
blue of Scot’s pine

yellow spectrum’d
Dog mercury,

olive green of ivy,
‘no no noh’

of a sea bird on the sands.
There’s evidence everywhere.

In the shade of a rock –
‘Dot and Bert’ painted on it

in the scurry of a fieldmouse
flame red of the sun, in

dawn above Ingleborough
evidence everywhere

in the reverence of flowers
placed by the roadside

where a man gave his life
for his son last summer

evidence, everywhere,
in the gold domed Buddhist temple

faces of shoppers
in town on market day

sometimes smiling,
sometimes crumpled

by an inner life
their skin and eyes


~ Geraldine Green

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