2013-2014 Winter Issue


Lake Erie and Cleveland, Winter 2014, Sam Hubish

Lake Erie and Cleveland, Winter 2014, Sam Hubish


Winter Haiku

Against a white sky
silhouettes of skeletons:
barren winter trees

November roses
the last late blooms of summer–
wistful memories.

(Mary replies:
Those wistful roses
still blooming in November:
I think they’re plastic.)

Against the blue sky
dusting of snow on branches
Harbinger of spring

Winter city wind–
I walk past an iron grate
Ah, the sudden warmth.

bare winter branches
snow paints the sky
in swirls of white

A mat of snow on
a hollow tree–
A pair of eyes look out.

a perfect corkscrew
Reminds me of wine.

Old leaves, new love
So soon the winter snowfall
Good time to stay indoors.

Frost on the window,
my feet cold on wooden floors:
Memories of you.

Winter evening
river of lights flows slowly;
rain against windshield.

In winter darkness
christmas lights in red and blue
glitter on the snow

Early morning
a gust of cold air:
I dress beneath the quilt

~ Geoffrey A. Landis


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