2013-2014 Winter Issue


Drawing - meridianna-reborn

Drawing – Meridianna Reborn

Eve and Ever After

We must remember what we know
walk what we remember

Never knock the know
recover under ember.

It’s all quite interactive
this cosmic game arcade

They’re hiding all the answers
in puzzle-shaped charade

I’d love to let you listen
but words no most of all

In spite of what we’re given
we’re bleeding from the Fall

We stumble from foundation
crumble in the toil

Working way to station
in relation to the All

Yet reason for elation
when dom does wed with wise

We walk in chalk gestation
in wake of open eye

~ Smith


Fast and Loose

Spring today came fast and loose on the back of a fog that lingered this morning, but that’s ok as day unfolded in golden spring sunlight that spent itself out in turquoise and silver as light exploded over the common this evening as I walked my dog near Sunbrick, Birkrigg.

~ Geraldine Green


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