2014 Spring Issue


Photo by Cynthia Piper

Photo by Cynthia Piper

To whom it may bloom

How fresh
Is Thou Breath
Upon thy brow??

How petals in A garden
Never know how
Their Plethora of Style
Never goes down.

Only wilts over to be
Built over in an instant
Of sun, Air & mystic
Magic: MagnifiScent.

Only spills over into
Frozen fruit pollen.

Only heals sore shoulders
With Ancient Rubs
Rolling on Ivory Coasts
Soaked in smoked cotton.

Photo by Cynthia Piper

Photo by Cynthia Piper

Only if we know Options
as ChoiceCut Selects with
TwiceRolled BuddhaBlessed
Smoking in the background
Of All we Jest.

Only when we
know how fresh
Our Holiness, O, is.


xxx(((How exceptional
Was the Sexual
Healing Marvin
Gaye?))) xxxxx

How eccentric
With toothpicks
Chopsticks & poolsticks
Did we find A way to play?

How Benson & Hedges
Did we burn infinite edges &
Replenish what we learned
As we laid.

~ MaxWell Shell

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