2014 Spring Issue


Dream Walker - Photo by Lady

Dream Walker – Photo by Lady

Flooding the Dream Sleeper

One, a train,
One train after another
The coolness, a bell ringing
In altitudes just beneath
True sky blown blue into the sea
An air trained in exhaustion
This one acrobatic exhibition
Delighted by orchestrating
The motion of that
Which fuels the quiet

Unlocked in the being
A peace this vast becomes
so peering tactless through
veils upon veils of matter
And the immunity of transformation

Dissolution of the basics
As inevitable as holy patterns
Ingrained in a colossus of sand
Bubbles left blowing, completely
Drowned in light and the wind

Awakened by the sleeping word speaking
A thousand words within
A dream outside
The dream

~ Abdul Ben Camel


If I step out of the dusk of a dream
does that mean that I’m a dream-like character
and I infuse the quality of dream into this Ness?

If I step out of a dream
is it like opening a curtain or window
some kind of portal from thick into thin,
making thin thick?

Or if I step out of a dream
does it mean I move my limbs
languidly as though air water, like
a dedicated swimmer toweling off in the
moment and my eyelids are gentle,
soft and slow, partners of something observed?

Could I understand myself–me being the spectator
of raw parts of my inner life–as the docile whole object
you see with behaviors characteristic of whatever
you say I am?

~ Lady

Tulip Tree Flowers in Stream - Photo by Cynthia Piper

Tulip Tree Flowers in Stream – Photo by Cynthia Piper

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