2014 Spring Issue


Lady and the Lamb - Photo by Smith

Lady and the Lamb – Photo by Smith

I have to write this down

the seagulls the tide full and returning
the noise the cries, purple-pink light
sun rising, bruised sky, air lifting.

I have to write this down
the air and sea the palms outstretched, open
holding the moment
the past, the future and
what is to come
the thankfulness of ocean, ebb tide flowing
seagulls’ cries, air, sun, purple –
pink light, bruised sky

an opening now clear and opal
open palms facing the dawn cupped palms
cradling in one palm the moment in the other
a poem, together open
praising the day.

~ Geraldine Green

Flavorite Things

I stroke the cat’s fur to hear her purr.
I love that sound, that and rain and train,
the water rush of wind in trees
their leaves rustling in relief,
brooks babbling, creeks bubbling,
rivulets running, streams sighing,
children playing, laughing,
lovers murmuring, friend’s hello,
wife’s I love you with bonus hug,
distant drone of airplane and buzz of fly
on hot summer day while lying in high grass,
church bell and Buddhist temple gong,
Westminster clock chime,
gospel and doo-wop harmony,
the drone of an old car on an older road,
bee buzz, surf slap,
me and you, baby coo,
bird chirp, cow moo,
your basic please and thank you,
most of Miles Davis,
and the silence of morning dew.

~ Steven B. Smith

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