2014 Spring Issue


SuperGalactic - pmpope - 2014

SuperGalactic – pmpope – 2014

Prelude to the Morning Sun

telepathic trees
laughing with fairies
in the nightshade of evening,
leaves jostling in the
midnight breeze,
they are softly singing
magical songs
that carry through vines
and ground cover
to their canopy brothers,
all through the forest,
where the refrain is learned
and repeated in rounds
creating an organic choir;
lulling the stars to sleep

~ Jen Pezzo


Ancient moon
hovering silently so high
nail sliver

Perfect circle portion witness
over chip and wale of lamb fields,
high wolf ridges

Dogs howl and sing,
remember their wolfenness
or sober, sleep in domestic bedding

Cats make their own security
purr themselves happy
tails twitching
like firelight

We look up to the moon
some chalk not easily plundered
awesome, distant, pure
moment of stillness

What is human wolf
to human dog in terms
of moon — did our
chimpy ancestors
look up?

Or is moon
more our thing
used to decorate art
and myth, vehicle
for parsing reality into

Can we see moon and sun
as features of same thing?

More fundamentally one
than two?

Purr ourselves whole howl?

Shepherd wolf lamb oneness?

Do birds look up at it? (The moon)
Do fish?

How does our
mammal softness
with its rocks
and towering light?

~ Lady

Fly Me to the Moon

Do you suppose the moon howls at the wolves,
and they’re only answering?

It whispers to me, the moon,
me a man who would be known.

No, a mutant who would be known by man,
as if that would soothe the missing.

To thine self be known.
There is no other answer.

If you return without the answer,
they send you out again.

~ Steven B. Smith