2014 Summer Issue


Moon - Sandy Eberhardt

Moon – Sandy Eberhardt

Howling at the Sun

When wolves slaver &
Lick their yellow teeth
& stare into the sun

Looking for shadows
Of things to come the
Ground becomes wet

With an inappropriate
Mud shaped of clawed
Feet & filling like their

Lungs about to burst
With the scent of un
Known origin & night

Is bright as any day
Yet the wait is hard &
Seemingly endless

~ KE

Li’l Red Ridin’hood

Hey li’l girl what you doin’ tonight
full moon’s up and the sun’s outa sight
fur’s poppin’ out all over my arms
wet tongue’s stretchin’ my wolfen charms
nose gettin’ longer, brow pushin’ out
your pheromones explodin’ my snout
inner hunger howlin’ at moon up sky
sniffin’ whiffen your hot honey pie
we’ll seek small game for midnight snack
then get right back to snack in crack
afterward we’ll stroll through the gloom
howl healthy high at the low moon
three full moonsful I’ll be this way
give us a chance for primitive play
before I revert back to my stick of man
having to weigh what it legally can
my werebrain’s smaller but it don’t care
cuz fun factor’s larger everywhere
so howl pretty baby give me a lick
let’s run through the wild lickety split
yesterday’s gone tomorrow ain’t here
forget the guilt of your Freudian fear
let’s jam the thicket and jelly the lane
cuz for three nights there’s no sin no blame
let’s run and fall and feel and sprawl
flow with the wild in guttural call
we ain’t gotta live the life of the tame
don’t have to leave the same as we came
we got the goods the moves and the will
let’s play away society’s ills

~ Steven B. Smith

There Was a Conclusion ~ Adam Brodsky

There Was a Conclusion ~ Adam Brodsky