2014 Autumn Issue



suggestive of smoke ~ honeydew


you set me down my 90 lb below the aspen
my green skirt crumples yellow leaves you take
my chin look me in the eye and just as i
unshy myself you close
yours, forever, and was it a dream?
was it my usual, poor interpretation?
did wires cross like my arms
behind my back when you
pushed against the
kitchen counter?
under a tree you said for
ten minutes and its the same as
three cups of coffee to the brain
you were my seven soy lattes eight
peeling sycamores and
that single sucker gut

~ bree


Days wing into nocturnal sonatas

Owls open, close eyes on roost,
observe and comment silently in sync
with music in hooded thought
and heartbeat

Like partners kneel to divinity
and prayers hold hands

Eyes raise to
stained glass vignette:

Rooster romances
rising sun

Arrays of birds span sky
like eyelash of God

Grand pianos
strike mallets on wood

Tomes of music in this mass
with message of love

~ Lady