2014/2015 Winter Issue


Cookie Cutter ~ (c) 2014 PM Pope

Cookie Cutter ~ (c) 2014 PM Pope
Taken in the much loved, 24 hr coffee shop (in Charlotte, NC) known as Amelie’s French Bakery


Each Fall summer lies
down to sleep, forest floor
a red and gold mattress.

~ Mary Weems

and on and on

Here it is snowing
gently, quietly,
My walk in this morning
the snow falls
accumulating softly.
Slippery on my way home.
It’s winter.

Encountered a couple of deer,
a lovely yellow tree
that hadn’t lost its color yet,
red leaves underfoot.
Cold, though.
Only a half hour
before giving in
to the desire for warmth.

I stole
your goosedown comforter
to keep me warm at night.

~ Mary Turzillo