2014/2015 Winter Issue


Cyrus Taylor, Shaker Lake Predawn

Cyrus Taylor, Shaker Lake Predawn

Letter from Major Ragain
Selected quotes, November 1994

Duet of cards
lashed to the prow
deep winter wakeup

Tongue’s fire making out
the principle here
limited containment

Surf and snowy peaks
stuff of the midwest
rats in the granary

The pulse of days
bops back walking
where the earth is soft

Near the end
storm windows up
water black cuts

Standing rock
muted spirits
crater ruins of an Inca City

(these are Maj’s words, in Maj’s order …
I just removed the 90% in between)

~ Steven B. Smith


River of my Valley
mother with no child,
you sing as you walk,
a soft lullaby.

White in the snowfall,
grey in the rain.
Pouring over shallows
and rocky places.

Oh, mother, where is your child?
Where is your River child?

Pink and yellow in the wake of boats.
Purple under the bridge
and the colored lights.

~ Daniel Bellinger