2014/2015 Winter Issue


Art by Bonnie Thompson

Art by Bonnie Thompson


You were surprised
that Heaven is winter
(no blossoms but billows
no harps but fiddles
no halos but hats
no doves but owls
no clouds but cliffs
no lily but crocus
no silk but down
no dawn but candlelight
no glissando but the shush and crunch
and inhale and exhale and inhale)
and around the hearth
faces you almost recognize

~ Holly Jensen

Solstice Wedding

The sun stands still
The wind drops
A snow-white velvet gown
On earth’s rolling hillside
As the bride
Awaits her midnight groom
He meets her at the altar of the moon
Placing the starry diamond
Upon her peninsula finger
In the darkness of the solstice night
Heaven and Earth take their vows
Sealed with a kiss
A promise to walk together
In the ever increasing light
To become mother earth and father sky
In the forth coming spring

~ S. Renay Sanders ©