2015 Spring Issue


Art by KE

Art by KE

When you can’t be sure what it’s all about

Amalgamated broken down, the wind includes feisty cuffs.
A girl & her dog or a boy & his cat – reversing flavours, round & round.
When we weren’t aware that we could be shunned, those voices inviting us in.
Landscapes prove all of a torrid pace, we do that climbing out of the self thing.
If you want to prove you’re probable, show a little bit of chorus modesty.
& then the lesser & the looted, all the ways you never think to point out.
Neighbours visited today, found a hook to hang a hat on.
I so often took you at your word – & time going by? & the ways we simply chattered?
If you don’t want me stalk still, continue the sloping gestures.
Art clogging up the gutters – there is foulness among these schemes.
No more catastrophes – we’re dusted & done, ready as ever.
Turn down the lights, figure into revival, emancipate…

~ Lisa Gordon

Love Line

Bees buzz
We nuzz
Times fuzz

~ Smith