2015 Spring Issue


waiting for the thaw

snow melting on the roof
runs down the side of the window frame
my purple orchid is re-blooming
laid out on the table
meager offerings for a small feast
a red mug fragrant with jasmine tea
one thick slice of homemade cornbread
dabs of sweet butter and jam
search for words, today a poet’s ink
flows with hesitation.

~ c.m. brooks

Winter’s moon, parched and frozen
in the retina of trees, my aching trust
for a rusty glimmer of spring
like fruit from a cold jar

Kintsukuroi letter to the Galatians,
the egg that makes the egg again,
from rote engine to crackling hatching
softer law of this organic leap
spirit strangely pagan

~ Lady

The atoms that are us
were forged in the heart of stars:
some day we’ll return.

–Geoffrey A. Landis

first published in Star*Line, Dec 2013