2015 Spring Issue



Spring sprung
Worm squirm
Bird flirt alert

~ Smith

Fast and Loose

Spring today came fast and loose on the back of a fog that lingered this morning, but that’s ok as day unfolded in golden spring sunlight that spent itself out in turquoise and silver as light exploded over the common this evening as I walked my dog near Sunbrick, Birkrigg.

~ Geraldine Green from Salt Road pub. by Indigo Dreams Publishers, 201

I wanted to write a poem about
your beauty but your beauty is no secret when I was sick with a cold you bought me noodles and soup and let me lay on your breasts you are a beatuetis bohemian beauty and I could pledge myself to you completely alongside the thousand angels that already have.

~ Russell Vidrick

Squirm & Scroll

Squirmy the Wormy
as he burrows flesh to flesh
likes it dark and wet
for squirmy spermy
all out searching for her egg
for his breakfast kiss.

~ Smith