2015 Spring Issue


DETURA by Joan of Art

DATURA by Joan of Art

Spring Please Come

Spring please come
even one tulip petal on my poor tongue
parched from this coughing
even one splash of green so my eyes don’t go blind from this gray.

I will not even ask that the sun shine
even warm rain would be sweet:
only wash your hair in the soft drizzle
let your hair ripple like your soft laugh.

I want vivid pastels I want that high sough of leaves breeze shifted
I want little clean blades sticking out of the dirt
eager and stupid as kittens

and oh yes please bring kittens
at least one curious gray one
to mew his questions at me and beg asylum
from the goddam cold.

Spring, wear a sheer dress
and open your legs to whatever lover you find
in your belly grow summer and heat.

I want rays I want soft wet mud I want everything to wake up —
let the sun prince kiss you so you forget old King Hell

Please, Spring, take a sliver of sapling
and stab winter in his shrunken privates.
Please please Spring,
kill winter and kiss me.

~ Mary Turzillo

Future Flower Flow

In rain we walk
beneath pine tree canopies keeping wet away
but not the wind or cold.
We’re too early,
eager for stems and vines and flowers
not yet sprung late spring,
so we walk unblossomed beds of black signs
promising doll’s eyes, moonseed,
lavender mist meadow rue,
bleeding heart, soap weed,
Jacob’s ladder, birdfoot sedge,
rough gentian, may apple, paw paw,
cucumbertree, running strawberrybush,
false mermaid,
all right as rain once due true
so we roam their pre-ghost gain
breathe aroma name
of future flower flowing.

~ Smith

Ease my rust to work
like habitues of a roost solace
long drawn cello of a tree
round its ring of winter

Bustling passerines
grip and ease the branching itch,
massaging strong dry taloned

Things I want to right in me,
tapping natural activity, kindling
with the green release of
sparkling spring

~ Lady