2015 Spring Issue



What if our creation myth was about
Skywoman filling her garden with seeds
And fruits and children all wrapped
In the warm embrace of her goddess arms.
Rather than our creation story of temptation,
Sin and exile from the garden of desire
By our angry, unforgiving god.
Would a different beginning have begot us
A better middle and end.

What if like mast-fruiting trees
We all communicated with each other
Through underground, overground, or celestial
Networks during times of stress to collectively
Address the impending doom and collectively
Solve the problem. What happens to one,
Happens to all. All threats are shared.
All flourishing is shared.
No lone-wolfing it here, no one goes it alone.
If we were like mast-fruiting trees.

What if everything you gave away
Or favor you did, or loan you made
Of time, money or sentiment
What if everything you gave away
You gave away freely. You gave something
For nothing. No tally sheet, no accounts receivable
Just tetherless give away.

What if you really understood
The life force it takes to push
Mushrooms up through loamy
soil over night. What if you
Could snatch that energy
that shoves life into existence,
What would you do with all that power.

What if you really wanted to go green
Would you chase a whaling ship
Would you tie yourself to a tree
Would you count the number of
Plastic pieces of debris collected on
Edgewater Beach
If you really wanted to go green
And help save the blue planet
How far would you go.
Transformation is no toe dipping in the pond
It only comes about with a Full Monty, a John the Baptist
Submersion into the sea of life
No Half-hearteds need apply
Nature herself is not tentative
To heal her we need to give and
Not worry about what we will get back.

~ Sherrie Pallotta