2015 Summer Issue


Anticipation of Summer Nights in the City by Smith & Lady

Anticipation of Summer Nights in the City by Smith & Lady

Illuminate Me
Within (without pretense)
All created things
Comes existing something
Noted in the harmonics
the source of this fabric
Not in the tone
Not in the fibers
Not in the unaware unwinding
energy but in the binding back
The solid geometry itself
Recognizing us close at hand
Like the cold of a weapon
In the heart of the seeker
Abiding there
Tho on the face of it
Nothing showing here
surviving the faint ideal of
This grand impermanence
The forces behind the words of life
talking in veins
separated from their meaning
seeds floating upon and throughout us
In this space breathing, a labor of love, like the soldier leaf forever tethered to the wind
it takes her a lifetime to collect the paints of a colorless sun
To begin again
Blind from inside
The midnight of existence
The weakest one
beneath the deepest womb
of this untold black world..,
there strives another, feeding
on the faint light
of the birth its own soul

~ Abdul Ben Camel

Serpent Mound, Southern Ohio

320 million years ago
a meteor dug a five mile crater
raising a rock ridge one thousand feet
in southern Ohio
where five thousand years ago
or one thousand years ago
or both
or neither
the Adena Culture
or the Ancient Fort Culture
or both
or neither
built an earthwork serpent
1,348 feet long 3 feet high 17 feet wide
laying rock for foundation
covering rock with yellow clay
clay with soil
and soil in sod
from coiled tail undulation
through sinuous body
to the 3rd cosmic eye of the art deco head
where the great serpent Uktena
swallows the setting solstice sun.

~ Smith