2015 Summer Issue


St. Francis by Denise Dee

St. Francis by Denise Dee


My job
was to assemble the A-frame
for the fire, fasten in kindling,
rick for reminiscence, eager
for teachings of story
and song

The grownups
fed it logs with
considered timing

Tired in the tent,
but willfully awake, hungry
for the amazing continuity of this bounty
the magic discoveries of camping
presents on the template
of my new me

Shadows on the tent wall, grownups
and their ombres chinoises backlit crackling
muffled exclamations in the hands of
fire and smoke

The animal family room of the tent
Lung-warmed, body-warmed air
woodsmoke and dry sweat

Three brothers and their little boy smells
Mom and her home smell
Dad and his mystery

Waking to jewelry of birdsong
canopy of love

Secure this for everyone
forever and ever, amen
and blessed

~ Lady