2015 Autumn Equinox Issue


 Mysterious poem by Mimi Kato

Mysterious poem by Mimi Kato

There is ‘No Mist

not one cloud nor shadows hardly
a glare and it isnt too bright; if it
keeps we could see meteors tonight.

for now i chew and swallow,
clean the dishes and tidy the bed.
read a chapter of the worlds best
novel, get a text from a fabulous friend.
i am resigned in time to catch the barn
swallows gist goes well with my warm
water which spent the night.

not a care nor appointment, i am
not obliged; theres no room for ennui.
it bares me entree like temporal
songs wind writes on my neighbors
long cold metal cylandars, they hang
vaguely, they are not in suspense.

~ bree

Like the Fairy Tales

Like the fairy tales I packed cheese, bread, drink
And jam, buttoned my locally-made shirt and
Knew the source of everything I carried,
A proud container of a universe

I locked the door with my fresh washed face,
Walked down the street where I’d deigned to meet
Every neighbor, pleased with my strong legs
And the proficiency of my backpack

In the woods my mind was resonant with
Candled halos of learning I’d nurtured
Like first spring food for bees is maple
And the nesting habits of the eagle

More than trickles always there to sate
A pleasant burn, the upkeep of good cheer

~ Lady