Summer 2016

Looking Down on Park City - Jim Baron

Looking Down on Park City – Jim Baron

Incense answering a yearning
to fill here now with palpable
this volume, my space decorated
in the land that harbors me

I read of Vicuna, Chile
and persimmon marmalade, kaki –
avocado on a breakfast table
validation – thoughts of the native –
wishing to be native – and traveler –
within, within, so valid

Brown men in cowboy hats
and women in bowlers

I’m braided in
my own land here in the Americas but how
here, incense, fruit, text and
alchemist moments

~ Lady

Leaf Rise - Smith

Leaf Rise – Smith

Odd lots of tertiary things
happenings dress the vast black
of my interior thought
the ornamented particulars
of my life

Hanging over the elaborate taffrail
purposed rosaries are plucked
from musical notes
bounding a watery surface

Decorations of devotion
scapulars draped from necks shush
and listen to soaring responsories

~ Lady

Bumble Boogie

Bumble Boogie by Smith

The Brambles Give Themselves Away

it is something to discover
a good portion of the thorns
i have put up with all year
turn out to be multi-flora roses.
they and the vines of grape
conspire in a huge cover-up.

another fruit of my endeavors
are all these wild raspberries.
i enjoy several dozen of the red
variety, sweet; there was just
one of the black kind ripe
enough for all these miles,
and it tasted of you.

~ Bree

Mom & Dad's Pond - Tim Green

Mom & Dad’s Pond – Tim Green

on high summer

dealt no more the advance of wood warblers thru
the new leaf, now its burdock and chickory. barn
swallows rent the tip of the ravine folding up wings.
tobacco flowers topped, the bottoms yellow like
stains they will make on an old white taffetta dress.
wheats so far gone now its all been processed. only
gods know what intrudes in the grass. far out terns–
just look at the shape! they make white noise around
them, but mutable lines of type

then abandon punctuation over the shrinking pond.
and the crickets sound like rattlesnakes. preludes
the occasional, last of the night hawks announce
thru a slightly hooked upper lip, as the metronome of
us synchs up, walking on gravel. corn is tall and i am
wondering if it will keep track of our losing time.

~ Bree

New Instructions, Please Read - Smith

New Instructions, Please Read – Smith

Status Report 53

Crickets and frogs sing their song
outside darkened window,
weave traffic tire hiss
with swish of this
and modal trains far in the night
moaning for softer sidings
down track and back.

There’s magic in rising before the sun,
a taste of space before time tang
to sit and sip and wait for light,
mind reminting maybe.

– Smith, 8.9.2015

Hope - Smith

Hope – Smith

Status Report 64

That shimmy shimmer shake when light’s at stake
and high tree leaves glitter glimmer please

The little leaf laughter with its hint of leaf dance
wail wiggle wobble in happy happenstance

– Smith