thimplicity--Photo by smith

thimplicity–Photo by smith

This poem is an acrostic, spelling a hidden message with the first letter of each line.


Yesterday, and I’m talking distant past here,
Oracles might have directed
Us differently, might have
Voiced concerns about stability and
Events occurring naturally, might have
Given us advice to keep
Our heads down and stay out of
Trouble, just to work
Toward feeding our families and building
Our homes and surviving our lives. Minor
Changes would have occurred in common, everyday
Happenings of birth, marriage, death;
All major changes would have involved the
Negative aspects of invasion, displacement, war.
Given the times, any change would have been scary
Enough. Now, though, with each passing
Year, the world becomes smaller, and
Our facility with technology helps move
Us toward a universal consciousness. It’s our
Responsibility to foster change, to
Encourage growth, to protest the
Vile practices of destroying the environment,
Imprisoning the innocent, denying the
Legal right of marriage to those in love.
With our hearts wide open, we need to heed the call,
Acknowledge distress and address the wrongs,
Yes, and to know that the earth is fertile for those
Sprouts of enlightenment, those crops of compassion.
Believe, become, be strong, and be ready to take
Action. You must
Be the change
You want to seed in the world.

~ Dianne Borsenik

To Resonate An Understanding

Somewhere between love and hate sleeps the truth
Now is the time-
If we bend the perception of our normalcy
We will awaken the key to freedom
Let us channel or contempt
Harness our convictions
Allow another to plant their seed of love in our soil
To grow a new foundation
For a new generation to build from
To learn from
To change from
We can become more than what we are with understanding
Patience is the not just a virtue
It is a necessity for change
And it is change that will lead us into the evolution of our hearts and minds
For we cannot go on
Breeding a constant race of closed minds
For we cannot go on
Nurturing the wrong beliefs
It is our eyes
Our ears
Our hearts
Our minds
That – Once they are opened to benevolence
Once they are open to the ever dreaded change
Will bring about the peace that is sorely needed to heal us all

~ Alexia Rodriguez

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