interzone09--Photo by smith

interzone09–Photo by smith

At Mentor Headlands

Dune grasses to the headland
where a single blue tree
arose from the sand.
Spring winds raged like trains
in the bowl of the beach
as waves washed up dead fish.
I covered my face with a cloth
as I walked the breakwater
rocks wet with cold lake spray
to the ruined lighthouse vision.
I followed the osprey
beautiful as a woman in light,
I bent to find its dropped twig.
As the day masked me again
I seized with grief
and love for the crystal world
you always were,
I broke the stick to give you.

~ John Swain

One, Two, Three Breaths…

i am alone.

my feet are wet and happy
in the grass.

~ Bree


Chaos was my oxygen until
I learned to breathe you. Sudden
start an omnifarious heart. Untuned
guitar no longer, you play my
air like a silver zither.

Nothing was my address until
I gained sense of better ubiety.
I possess a more buoyant place.
Cracking rubber band now zings
like bouzouki strings.

There was indifference of universe
until coalescing carbon nova now.
That was you. Atonal twang sang
wrong, then you galvanized
my chromatic chime.

Purposeless pressure emptied my
ears until I syncopated prism in
harmonic eye. I saw you embody
bell ascending. Now a better
fretboard: calliope sound.

~ Craig Kurtz

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