2015 Spring Issue


Art by William B. Burkholder

Art by William B. Burkholder


It’s morning and the MLK Branch of the library
feels like home, people interact with books
become characters in their own lives,
age eases on by and I note the difference between
me and the rest like a subtraction problem.
Those who come before and after teaching
me a life lesson in bodies that tell stories of work,
harder work and the misery mixed with laughter,
mixed with love.

~ Weems


Morning’s full bladder pushes me
into the undecided day

Today is not yet good or empty
It has the potential for emptiness or
the harried rush of makework or
organic creativity

Lately I wake up early,
before the rooster races the church bell,
before the peals pace the day
and I’m glad I wake up early,
that I can’t wait to be awake

Before breakfast, I say, Well,
we have two eggs

Steve asks, Are they going to become
our children?

~ Lady