August 2018

AUTUMN 2018 – THE CITY POETRY ———————————————————————————- A UNIVERSE OF WHAT I am invisible But I am rain. The color of rain Invents the air And I am trembling In the language here In white wings. In here, a heart…

Spring 2016

Star Bokeh – (c) by PM Pope . Life Walk Bird Talk News creeping seeping through my glow telling me what I don’t want to know but need to to . . . ? Ugly stuff in need of antidote….

Winter 2015/2016

Inscription I write to you with ink and water because you are permanent alone and in flesh. Sun and shadow fuse into a mountain as crows descend between two horses. I walk toward your candled branches hanging in the sky…


Older issues of the City zine

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Call for Submissions ~ Learning to Swim

Good vibe material wanted for theme “Learning to Swim.” I’m looking for writing and art that somehow fits the theme “Learning to Swim” even if just tangentially related…